interaction and user experience design

kat hawkins

kat hawkins

product design is the convergence of ux, interaction and visual design

  • What: what are¬†we going to solve?
  • Who: for whom are we solving a problem?
  • Why: why should we do this?
  • How: how are we going to solve this?
  • Success: how do we know if we succeeded in solving the problem?

It’s almost like the mantra we used to chant in journalism, when writing the lead: who, what, when, where, why and how?

I've gone through each step of this process in part or in whole with many projects..

  • A content publishing platform for desktop
  • Service personnel assistance apps for Android
  • Construction industry financial payment platform for iOS/Android
  • Patient education iPad/iPhone apps for healthcare
  • Redesigning iOS apps for iOS updates
  • Many other sites and apps for government and Fortune 500 clients

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